Our Comprehensive Solutions

Delve into our extensive suite of fraud and risk mitigation solutions, tailored for various sectors including real estate, banking, automotive, and digital environments. Secure your transactions and digital assets with our advanced security services. Discover the specifics of each product below.

Preventive Security Assessment

Prior to adopting our services, we recommend a Preventive Security Assessment to evaluate and address potential risks in your operations. Our detailed consultation covers:

  • Comprehensive risk mitigation strategies
  • Tailored fraud prevention solutions

Completing the Preventive Security Assessment equips you with the insights needed to select the most appropriate services from our portfolio.

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Fraud Buster API

Defend against fraud in financial transactions, real estate dealings, and more.

  • Multi-sector Fraud Detection
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
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Real Estate and Rental Evaluation

Streamline tenant and property assessments to mitigate risks in real estate transactions.

  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening
  • Property and Owner Verifications
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Protect against automotive fraud with detailed vehicle history and odometer checks.

  • Odometer Fraud Detection
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Reports
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